What a piece of art and a dish have in common in their soul.

Our spare-ribs are strictly made of pork from local farmers in Nagydorog, Tolna County. The outstanding savour and character of the dish we serve is guaranteed by the accurate multiple-stage preparation and painstakingly precise roasting process.

Shaped chops carefully chosen for marination are first placed in a maturing pickle to make the meat tender and savoury on your plate. During the second stage, spicy marination forms the final character of the ribs’ piquancy. Then we leave the profoundly fatigued meat to rest for at least a night’s long. In the final stage of preparation, the ribs are simmered with meticulous care.

You may try the unique gastronomic experience of Fiktív’s ribs specialty in 4 various styles. Up to your individual gusto, go for the American style Whisky Barbecue, the slightly piquant Honey and Mustard, the scorching and magnificent Hot Spicy or our home-smoked Hungarian chef-d’oeuvre, Smoke and Smell, served with creamy paprika and tomato stew.


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